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2 Across: Compression of the spinal cord inhibits signals between the brain and limbs with this disease.

3 Across: Dr. Rivera is a native of this state.

7 Across: This event can be divided into three stages: Pre-Ictus, Ictus and Post Ictus

10 Across: Dr. Rivera received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree from this University.

11 Across: The superior advanced imaging choice for accurate diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, surgical planning and surgical review of diseases that affect the spinal cord.


1 Down: Inflammation of the brain.

2 Down: Breed most commonly seen at BVNS.

3 Down: An involuntary, rapid and repetitive eye movement.

4 Down: This procedure is done to remove a henirated disk in the neck.

5 Down: This carries movement and sesory infomration between the brain and limbs.

6 Down: Pets with this disease walk as if they are drunk.

8 Down: This procedure is done to remove ruptured disk material in the back.

9 Down: The newest name in neurology at BVNS.


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