Buzz came to BVNS Atlanta in January for having progressive pelvic limb weakness that had been going on for a year. His back legs would cross, scuff, and knuckle. There were times where he would slip on the hardwood floors when running and his legs would collapse.

After undergoing a neurological consultation and MRI with Dr. Neary, it was revealed that Buzz had a cystic malformation (arachnoid diverticulum) with secondary swelling. Buzz started medical therapy but there were no significant improvements, so the owners elected for surgery.

Dr. Neary performed a dorsal laminectomy with a durectomy to address the issue. Buzz was able to be discharged the next day at which point he had good purposeful motor to both pelvic limbs.

Here is Buzz at his staple removal visit. He has been recovering very well! His owners state that he has been getting stronger every day. We love this adorable face! Thank you Dr. Tietjen at Lake City Animal Hospital for referring this wonderful family to BVNS.