As a part of our ongoing effort to promote and expand the reach of the science of neurology, BVNS offers a number of opportunities for ongoing education. These opportunities range from newsletters, onsite seminars, cage-side rounds and staff training for our veterinary partners to continuing education offered at our area locations and through the sponsorship of area veterinary groups.

Continuing Education Events:

The Cardiology & Neurology Symposium is now the Specialty Symposium. Head to to learn more about this great event.

Lunch & Learns Onsite CE:

Allow BVNS to share some “food for thought” with your practice during a lunch & learn. We have several talks available and can present to your entire staff or specific members of your staff.

Click HERE to learn more about the lectures offered and to schedule a lunch & learn.


BVNS publishes NeuroBites, the Neurotransmitter, and  the Neurotransmitter 2.0 – Technically Speaking.

Click here for archives of NeuroBites

Click here for archives of the Neurotransmitter

Click here for archives of Neurotransmitter 2.0 – Technically Speaking

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We are in the process of building a library of presentations and videos related to the medical practice of veterinary neurology and the clinical treatment of neurologic diseases and conditions. Below are 5 videos. Click on the titles to view each one.

The Neuro Exam – Dr. Danield Cuff, DVM, DACVIM(Neurology)

5 Disc Diseases – Dr. David Brewer, DVM, DACVIM(Neurology)

Seizure Part 1 – William Bush, VDM, DACVIM(Neurology)

Seizure Part 2 – William Bush, VDM, DACVIM(Neurology)

MRI- No Longer Just for Neurology – Matthew Uzzle, DVM

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