Anesthetic Drug Crossword

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Below you will be able to enter your answers to our Anesthetic Drug Crossword Puzzle and be entered to win a $100 Target Gift Card. Good Luck!

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2 Across: Production of the desired result

5 Across: Diprivan

7 Across: The most potent opioid used

8 Across: Poppy flower that is used as a narcotic

9 Across: MU antagonist

10 Across: The degree/intensity of the desired effect

11 Across: NMDA antagonist

12 Across: Pure MU agonist with a NMDA antagonist quality

14 Across: Used for visceral pain

15 Across: The antagonist for benzos

18 Across: The act of increasing FIO2


1 Down: A state of inconsolability

3 Down: Non-steroidal induction agent

4 Down: Most potent vasodilating drug

6 Down: Potent peripheral vasoconstrictor

13 Down: Partial MU angonist

16 Down: The opioid to which all other opioids are compared

17 Down: 8-10x more potent than morphine


Winner will be announced live on our Facebook page on Friday, March 1st at 1pm.

One entry per person.

This contest is open to support staff only. Sorry, no doctors this time.

Contest ends at midnight on Thursday, February 28th.