BVNS Materials

For your convenience, you can now access our handouts and brochures online. Simply click on the links below to be taken to either the corresponding webpage or a printable PDF version. Feel free to share these resources with your clients.

General Resources

Client Services Brochure PDF
Client Services Brochure  РAtlanta PDF
Bladder Maintenance Page PDF
Down Dog Care Page PDF
Passive Range of Motion Page PDF
Pet Loss Resources Page PDF


Diseases and Conditions

Intervertebral Disc Disease Page PDF
Seizure Page PDF
Vestibular Disease Page PDF
Atlantoaxial Luxation Page PDF
Brain Tumor Page PDF
Degenerative Myelopathy Page PDF
Diskospondylitis Page PDF
Meningoencephalitis Page PDF
Steroid Responsive Meningitis Arteritis Page PDF


Procedures and  Treatments

What to Expect: MRI Page PDF
What to Expect: Spinal Tap Page PDF
Neurosurgery with BVNS Page PDF



Cyclosporine Page PDF
Cytosar Page PDF
Hydroxyurea Page PDF
Lomustine Page PDF
Procarbazine Page PFD
Rectal Diazepam Page PDF
Steroid Drugs Page PDF