Complete Neurology Care

Treating All Aspects of Veterinary Neurology

Veterinary Neurology is a complex science that requires highly-specialized education and training. This advanced training ensures that our patients receive thorough and advanced care that will improve their quality of life and provide comfort.

DSC_4202The BVNS team is the largest and most experienced in the United States. We are led by highly-trained, Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologists who are also worldwide leaders in the field of veterinary neurology/neurosurgery. It is this experience and expertise that allows us to provide Complete Neurology Care that includes the treatment for ALL forms of neurologic disease.

Whether your pet requires same-day, life-saving neurosurgery or long-term medical management, we have the expertise, experience, dedication and ability to provide the care they need. When it comes to the life-saving treatment your pet needs, the advanced education and experience of our team along with our commitment to Complete Neurology Care is essential for you and your pet.

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