This sweet girl, Biscuit, belongs to Dr. Kathy Rottersman of Windy Hill Veterinary Hospital, which is where our own Dr. Casey Neary worked long before becoming a neurologist.

One morning after a walk, Biscuit became paraplegic. She had deep pain with no withdrawal reflex in her rear limbs. Biscuit came to BVNS Atlanta for an MRI which revealed intervertebral disc herniation coupled with hemorrhage at T9-T11 and T13-L1. That same day, Dr. Akin performed a left hemilaminectomy at these specific sites to surgically decompress the spinal cord.

At her suture removal, just 2 weeks after surgery, Biscuit was able to stand up on her own and benefited from assistance when walking.

Here she is at her 6 week post-op recheck. She is doing wonderfully and can move around extremely well on her own. She is very comfortable and is showing the glowing personality that makes Biscuit such a special, sweet girl!