Meet Casey, a 4-yr-old mixed breed, who was referred by Dr. Mike Strickland of Leesburg Veterinary Hospital for confusion, bumping into things, inability to walk and looking very weak and drunk in addition to a right head tilt. A life-threatening brainstem and forebrain problem was suspected and MRI showed severe disease in each of these areas. A spinal tap was performed and showed moderate to severe inflammation in the nervous system consistent with an immune disease called Granulomatous MeningoEncephalomyelitis (GME), lymphoma (cancer) or infection.

The evidence supported GME or lymphoma rather than infection; as a result, Casey was treated with immune modulators, chemotherapy, and drugs for brain swelling. Rapidly, she improved. Casey had a normal MRI 1 year later and is pictured here looking great at her recheck last week. She is being treated with just a low dose of cyclosporine to modulate the immune system and we expect her to continue to do well on this safe medication.

To view images of Casey’s MRIs, please visit Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging.