3d2Innovation at Work!

Chewy, this very cute Chihuahua mix, was born with a horrible spinal deformity called hemivertebrae. When the deformity is this severe, it can lead to permanent paralysis in the back legs and chronic pain. Unfortunately, there is not an easy fix for this problem. Surgical procedures to stabilize the spinal can be risky and complicated by the degree of abnormal anatomy.

Innovation is a core value at BVNS. Using 3D printing technology, Dr. Brewer was able to design and print a life-size 3D model of the spinal column based on information obtained from a CT scan of the spine. Using this model as an aid during surgery, Drs. Brewer, Barker and Trub were able more efficiently tackle this difficult surgery. By using this emerging technology, we were able to reduce surgical time and allow more precise placement of surgical implants.



Chewy was recently seen two weeks after his surgery and we very happy to report that his recovery has been faster than expected! He is able to walk and appears very comfortable. In fact, he is even back to wanting to chase the cat again! We will be watching Chewy’s recovery closely and are hopeful that he will continue to show progress in the future.