Biggles came to BVNS Atlanta in September 2017 for sudden onset of non-ambulatory tetraplegia, also known as paralysis in all four limbs. That morning, Biggles was slower on her walk and while eating breakfast. By that evening, Biggles was limp like a rag doll and displaying shallow breathing. She was hospitalized at Cherokee Emergency Veterinary Clinic for overnight care before being sent to BVNS Atlanta.

Dr. Akin found that Biggles had moderate spinal cord compression and performed a ventral slot surgery that same day. At the time of discharge, Biggles was more comfortable and was able to move her head around; however, she was still non-ambulatory.

Biggles came in for her staple removal with minimal improvement, except her upbeat personality. At her 6-week post-op recheck she was able to stand but needed additional sling support in order to walk. At her 12-week recheck she continued to improve and was becoming stronger in her pelvic limbs. At her post-op 7-month recheck Biggles walked into the clinic with no assistance! She is such a lucky Beagle to have such a patient and dedicated owner.

Thank you, Dr. Bhaskaran for referring this wonderful family to BVNS!