Neurobites – November 19th – Postural Reaction Testing









Welcome to Neurobites. Each week we feature a useful veterinary neurology tip for our referral community, created by one of our board-certified neurologists.

Watch Dr. Bill Bush discuss postural reaction testing. A transcript of this video can be found below.



“Hi, I’m Bill Bush. Postural reaction testing, the ability to correct knuckling or hopping, can be very useful in patients that are weak in all four limbs. Weakness in all four limbs is a fairly common presentation, but the key to solving the patient’s problem is knowing whether the problem is in the cervical spinal cord or the nerve and muscle. If the problem’s in the cervical spinal cord, then the posture reactions will be slow to absent. However, if it’s in the nerve and muscle, and you support the patient, then the posture reaction testing will be present or just minimally delayed. This is key because you don’t wanna do an MRI looking for a tumor or a disc problem in a patient, when it’s actually out in the nerve and muscle.”

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