Unlike other forms of veterinary surgery where surgery alone may successfully resolve orthopedic, skeletal or soft-tissue injuries; neurosurgery often requires complicated surgical procedures, expert understanding of the complex systems that underlie neurologic conditions and experience with how to best provide care to a recovering patient. Our training, dedication and expertise allow us to perform these life-saving and complex neurosurgeries almost every day.

Providing spinal and brain surgery for surgically-appropriate neurologic cases.

Spinal Cord:

  • Intervertebral Disc Surgery (Ventral slot, hemilaminectomy, dorsal laminectomy)
  • Stabilizations (fracture, atlantoaxial subluxation)
  • Wobbler Syndrome surgery (distraction/ fusion, dorsal laminectomy, ventral slot)
  • Tumor removal and biopsy
  • Diskospondylitis (laminectomy, culture and biopsy)


  • Foramen magnum decompression
  • Ventricular shunt placement
  • Craniotomy for tumor removal or biopsy
  • Nerve and Muscle
  • Biopsy

This complexity requires the advanced training, advanced diagnostics and expertise of a Veterinary Neurologist. Learn more about our team here.


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