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Herschel was referred by Dr. Leisa Jennings of Bridgemill Animal Hospital.13071769_10154110022623516_2002171617945568011_o

Herschel is a 10 year old Poodle-Mix that presented to our Woodstock location for a 24 hour history of progressive back pain
and the inability to walk in the rear limbs. On examination, Herschel was non-ambulatory with severe paraparesis (weakness
of his rear limbs) and thoracolumbar back pain. MRI showed a right lateralized herniated disc at T12-T13 causing severe spinal cord compression. Surgery was recommended to provide Herschel with the best chance at a successful recovery.

Presenting Complaint:
• Unable to walk, painful
• Severe weakness (paraparesis) of the pelvic limbs

T3-L3 spinal cord segments as evident from normal cranial nerve exam / normal thoracic limb function, and pelvic limb paraparesis with normal reflex function

In-house high-field MRI shows herniated disc material compressing the spinal cord at the T12-T13 disc space on the right side with no evidence of internal spinal cord damage. Based on these findings, we predicted that Herschel’s prognosis for recovery with surgery was excellent. Images of normal spinal cord for comparison below.

herschel mri

A hemilaminectomy was performed at T12-T13 on the right side to allow for removal of extruded disc material and subsequent decompression of the spinal cord. Herschel showed rapid improvement and was weakly ambulatory two days post-operatively. At his 2 week recheck, he was pain-free and ambulatory without assistance.

Major Take Home Point:
Neurological grade and MRI findings are the best indicators of success with surgery for intervertebral disc disease.

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