Congratulations to Dr. Cuff

SquirrelDC3Congratulations to Dr. Cuff in having a groundbreaking publication called “The diagnosis and treatment of non-convulsive status epilepticus in a cat using continuous EEG.” accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Cuff partnered with Mark Stecker, MD, PhD who is a renowned epileptologist and chairman of Neurosciences at Winthrop University Hospital and Colette Williams, PhD who is a renowned veterinary expert working at University of California, Davis Veterinary School.

The work is remarkable because it is one of the first recordings made in small animals of this serious and common condition in people. By raising awareness of this condition and the extreme necessity for EEG in the critical care setting, Dr. Cuff’s work will not only save lives but advances BVNS’ mission of being a leader in clinical veterinary research.