NICO Myriad® & NICO Myriad NOVUS®

Through advanced diagnostics & surgical equipment, such as NICO technologies, the BVNS team incorporates enhanced surgical efficiency in brain and spinal procedures. The NICO Myriad System is a patented new technology that eats away brain tumors safely and quickly with precise control when working around the critical structures of the brain.
The key benefits of NICO Myriad® & NICO Myriad NOVUS® include:
Safe, User-Controlled, Automated REMOVAL of Brain and Spinal Abnormalities
  • Multifunctional instrument that enables MIS
  • Non-ablative, mechanical device generates no thermal or ultrasonic energy, avoiding heat-related damage to critical structures
Enhanced Surgical Efficiency
  • Side mouth aperture offers greater visualization especially when placed along critical structures.
  • Cutting mechanism enables precise control of resection.
Greater Surgeon Control
Foot pedal allows maximum control for the surgeon by controlling the level of aspiration and by enabling two modes:
  • Suction only
  • Suction with cutter

Light Where You Need It
NICO Myriad NOVUS provides Xenon light delivery when and where it’s needed.
  • Removes the need for a microscope or external lighting
  • Enables flexibility to choose various surgical optics.

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