MRI : What to expect

After the neurologist has localized your pet’s particular neurological problem on examination, further testing is needed in an attempt to diagnose your pet’s individual condition. If an MRI is necessary, an estimate and consent form will be created for you to approve and sign. We require the low end of the estimate be left as a deposit towards your final bill.

We will also ask for a phone number where we can best reach you. Please make yourself available during your pets MRI as the neurologist may need to speak with you. For instance, the neurologist might need to discuss further diagnostics while you pet is under anesthesia. A common diagnostic that is performed post MRI is a spinal tap. Your pet will need to remain completely still for the MRI and therefore will be under anesthesia. General bloodwork is required to ensure it is safe to put your pet under anesthesia. Your pet will be closely monitored throughout the MRI scan to evaluate heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen and CO2 levels. Your pet will also receive IV fluids for the duration of the scan.

The MRI is viewed real time by a BVNS board certified neurologist to ensure we obtain as much information on your pet’s condition as possible. Thus, the duration of the scan varies based on this need and what part of your pet’s body is being scanned. Because the duration of the scan depends on a number of factors, the MRI can potentially take several hours. We will do our best to set up an accurate time for you to return later in the day to view and discuss the MRI findings and treatment plan. Please be aware that this time is an estimate based on the daily flow and MRI schedule. Thus, there is always a possibility that you may have to wait additional time than previously estimated. We will do our best to call you and update you if we need you to return at a later time than previously discussed.

We appreciate your patience in our efforts to provide you the most information about your pet’s neurological condition. If you have any questions please contact BVNS at your convenience.

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