Rectal Diazepam

• Glass vial with Diazepam suspension in a light-protected container
• 3 Syringes with hypodermic needles
• 3 Teat cannulas
• 3 Sterile lube packets

Directions: Following a seizure, follow the steps below

1. Take syringe, ensure needle is screwed on tightly, remove cap, insert into inverted glass vial containing Diazepam solution.

2. Draw up appropriate amount of Diazepam as directed by Veterinarian.










3. Use one handed-method to safely re-cap the syringe.










4. Carefully unscrew the capped needle off of the syringe.










5. Screw on teat cannula onto syringe tip.










6. Tear open packet of sterile lube.

7. Insert the syringe tip with teat cannula into the packet of sterile lube.










8. Insert lubed syringe into rectum of your pet as far as comfortably possible (1-2 inches) and then depress syringe plunger.










9. This can repeated after two more seizures (3 total per 24 hours),but wait at least 10 minutes between doses to avoid excessive sedation. After the third dose, if your pet has another seizure please bring him or her into your nearest Emergency Veterinary Hospital for further treatment.

What to expect:
Your pet may experience some side effects after receiving Diazepam. Side effects may include sedation, delirium, incoordination, increased hunger (sometimes for non-food items) and vocalization for up to several hours after administration.

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