Meet Sprite! About a year ago, she went missing for several days. She was found on the side of the road in Remington, VA. She was alive but completely unresponsive with severe neurological deficits from apparent head trauma.

Her prognosis was very poor at first and she had a long road ahead of her. Luckily, Sprite is a fighter and Sprite’s mom is super dedicated and loving so she has been receiving incredible care over the past year. Sprite was initially hospitalized at Regional Veterinary Referral Center; a feeding tube was placed and Sprite received around-the-clock care.

Little by little, Sprite began to improve. She learned to eat on her own and her feeding tube was able to be removed! She has worked tirelessly with the physical therapist, has received both acupuncture and laser therapies, performed underwater treadmill exercises along with several other exercises to strengthen her coordination, balance and mobility.

Sprite is a character and never lost her spunk throughout this entire process. She’s truly a shining example of what lots of love, perseverance and patience can do. Time heals all wounds and we are so happy that Sprite is back to normal (nearly)!

BVNS loves you, Sprite!

To see more about Sprite check out this page http://bit.ly/2jCKxK0 !

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