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2 Across: Production of the desired result

5 Across: Diprivan

7 Across: The most potent opioid used

8 Across: Poppy flower that is used as a narcotic

9 Across: MU antagonist

10 Across: The degree/intensity of the desired effect

11 Across: NMDA antagonist

12 Across: Pure MU agonist with a NMDA antagonist quality

14 Across: Used for visceral pain

15 Across: The antagonist for benzos

18 Across: The act of increasing FIO2


1 Down: A state of inconsolability

3 Down: Non-steroidal induction agent

4 Down: Most potent vasodilating drug

6 Down: Potent peripheral vasoconstrictor

13 Down: Partial MU angonist

16 Down: The opioid to which all other opioids are compared

17 Down: 8-10x more potent than morphine