We would like to introduce Babs, who was seen at our Woodstock location in August. She presented for severe neck pain that was causing her to cry out even when being touched. Dr. Neary performed a neurologic exam and MRI that revealed Babs had a herniated disc in her neck that was causing significant spinal cord compression. Dr. Neary performed a ventral slot surgery to decompress the spinal cord and help Babs get back to feeling better. Following surgery, Babs was discharged the next day where she had an improved head carriage and was more comfortable with palpation of the neck.

Here she is at her 2-week post-op recheck where her owners report that she has been doing great at home and is back to her normal self. We are thrilled Babs has done so well since her surgery and wish her a speedy recovery. Thank you to Dr. Kearney from Ansley Animal Clinic for referring this wonderful patient to us!


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