• Gizmo & Dino

    Brothers Gizmo and Dino are no strangers to Dr. Jarboe and the staff of BVNS Leesburg. Back in September of 2013, Gizmo came in unable to walk. A ventral slot was performed and Gizmo did very well and is still doing well. Unfortunately, Gizmo’s brother, Dino came to BVNS Leesburg this month with pain and […]

  • lollipop


    Less than two months ago, Lollipop was unable to walk. Thanks to a ventral slot procedure by Dr. Brewer, Lollipop is back on her feet. We think that her new brother,Tipo, who kept her company in her crate, had a big role in her recovery.

  • pepper


    Pepper, a 6 year old Peke, has a long history with BVNS Springfield…