• lulu


    Lulu is giving Dr. Neary some love during her recheck. She had a hemilaminectomy 6 weeks ago at BVNS Leesburg. Lulu returned looking better than ever and had kisses for everyone.

  • chico


    Chico’s family reports this is the happiest they have seen him in a very long time.

  • Dr. Neary and Mickey


    With medical management, Mickey is vastly improved with only a slight left head tilt.


  • Got NEURO?

    Join BVNS at one of 4 Neuro Exam Events. Improve your ability to assess dogs or cats with neurologic disease by attending the “Neurology Exam Refresher” with the Board Certified Neurologists of BVNS. During 4 twenty-minute interactive sessions, we will review the fundamentals of the neurology exam; forebrain/seizure, brainstem, spinal cord, nerve /muscle. Thursday, October 9th […]

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  • Dr. Jarboe speaks at KVMA Mid-America Veterinary Conference

    This weekend, Dr. Jarboe was a guest lecturer at the KVMA Mid-America Veterinary Conference in Louisville, KY. Dr. Jarboe presented 2 CE lectures, “To Seize or Not To Seize” and “The Nuts and Bolts of Spine localization, Differentials and Treatments.” In addition to presenting, Dr. Jarboe also had a bit of a “veterinarian family reunion.” […]

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