• lulu


    Lulu is giving Dr. Neary some love during her recheck. She had a hemilaminectomy 6 weeks ago at BVNS Leesburg. Lulu returned looking better than ever and had kisses for everyone.

  • chico


    Chico’s family reports this is the happiest they have seen him in a very long time.

  • Dr. Neary and Mickey


    With medical management, Mickey is vastly improved with only a slight left head tilt.


  • Dr. Jarboe speaks at KVMA Mid-America Veterinary Conference

    This weekend, Dr. Jarboe was a guest lecturer at the KVMA Mid-America Veterinary Conference in Louisville, KY. Dr. Jarboe presented 2 CE lectures, “To Seize or Not To Seize” and “The Nuts and Bolts of Spine localization, Differentials and Treatments.” In addition to presenting, Dr. Jarboe also had a bit of a “veterinarian family reunion.” […]

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  • BVNS doctors present at SEVEN

    Today Dr. Higginbotham and Dr. Trub travel to the SEVEN conference (Southeaster Veterinary Neurology Group) to present work done at BVNS by Drs. Jarboe and Higginbotham detailing the first reported successful surgical removal of a Fourth Ventricle Epidermoid Cyst.

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