Advances in Neurology

Our team is committed to advancing the field of veterinary neurology through our support of ongoing research and educational programs. This commitment allows us to operate at the cutting edge of veterinary neurology allowing our patients and clients to benefit from the latest research and innovation.

Residency Program
Visiting Scholars


Through the support of ongoing research by others and the clinical research of our own team, we are actively involved in research and clinical trials at all times. This involvement in the advancement of veterinary science allows us to apply the most current research and knowledge to the benefit of our clients and patients.

We also actively support our neurology residents with their ongoing individual and collaborative research projects, encouraging the development of their keen research skills to foster a long-term shared enthusiasm for advancing the care and treatment of all neurology patients.

The BVNS Residency Program

Our commitment to advancement includes sharing our knowledge and passion with the next generation of veterinary neurologists through the BVNS Residency Program. This program is highly selective and candidates must meet rigorous standards to be accepted. Once selected, our residents play a vital role in every aspect of our service providing substantial benefits to clients and patients.

Our Residency Coordinator, Dr. Jarboe, oversees the program and can be contacted with any questions.

Visiting Scholars Program

BVNS welcomes first, second and third year neurology residents to experience a week in the life of a BVNS Neurology Specialist. During this week, we follow a structured agenda to provide maximum exposure to all types of clinical case management, client communication, patient hospitalization, use of advanced technology and experience working in a cohesive team unit. Those interested in this opportunity are encouraged to contact Christine Stafford, Executive Director, by phone at 703-669-2827 or by email to receive more information.

BVNS Publications


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January, 2015 – Winston
August, 2014 – Riley
December, 2013 – Misty
July, 2013 – Lucy
September, 2012 – Boudreaux
July, 2012 – Hobbes
April, 2012 – Max
January, 2012 – Prinz
September, 2011 – Tiki
June, 2011 – Squirrel
March, 2011 – Dallas
December, 2010 – Cooper
October 2010 – King

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