Chapter One Questions: Ready, Set, Go

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Please choose the best answer for each of the following questions:

1. The prefix __________ means away from.

2. The suffix ______means an instrument to visually examine.

3. The prefix ________ means elevated, while the prefix _______ means depressed.
pre-, post-endo-, exo-hyper-, hypo-inter-, intra-

4. The suffix ___________ means incision.

5. The suffix _____________ means abnormal condition.

6. The suffix _______________ means separation or breaking into parts

7. The prefix __________ means below.

8. The prefix __________ means many
epi-a-, an-poly-eu-

9. The prefix __________ means without or no.
epi-a-, an-poly-eu-

10. The suffix –algia means:
painexcessiveliverabnormal condition

11. The prefix pre- means:

12. Which suffix may be part of the team meaning a procedure to visually examine?

13. Which type of word part is always placed at the end of a term?
combining formprefixsuffixroot

14. Which type of word is always placed at the beginning of a term?
combining formprefixsuffixroot

15. Which word part gives the essential meaning of a term?
combining formprefixsuffixroot

16. Which word association is incorrect?
inter- means betweensub- mean below, under or lessan- means without or noad- means away from

17. Which prefix means around?

Please match the following:

-itis          a. incision or cutting into
-gram          b. before
post-          c. surgical puncture to remove fluid or gas
-tomy          d. difficult, painful
pre-          e. enlargement
-centesis          f. excision or surgical removal
-therapy          g. liver
dys-          h. kidney
peri-          i. inflammation
ren/o          j. record
hepat/o          k. after
-megaly          l. treatment
-ectomy          m. around