When Bella, a little 6 yr old Schnoodle, came to see Dr. Jarboe at BVNS Leesburg she was paralyzed in her back legs. An MRI identified a T13-L1 disc extrusion causing moderate external spinal cord compression and moderate to severe internal cord injury processes. Her exam findings and MRI changes gave her a 70% chance for return to a walking. She had a spinal surgery performed on that same day where Dr. Jarboe removed a tremendous amount of disc material from her spinal canal. Give the severity of her internal spinal cord injury, she also received several hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) while hospitalized. Amazingly, she went home 3 days later, comfortable and beginning to show some good movements in her back legs.

She was walking with a little wobbliness in her back legs at her 2 week post op exam and she was nearly functionally at her 6 week post operative exam. The owners recently sent pictures showing us how beautiful and happy Bella is! We are so thrilled she’s doing so well and will be enjoying the holiday season as a happy, healthy, comfortable, walking-running member of the family!