This sweet little fellow is Earl and he has a very important job. Earl is a greeter and a very beloved therapy dog at Amy’s Place in Roswell Georgia. Amy’s place is a gathering place for those with dementia and their caregivers.

In January, Earl started walking with a limp and would cry out when kissed on the head. At work, he wasn’t interacting with people and just didn’t want to move.

Earl came to BVNS Atlanta and after an examination with Dr. Akin and an MRI, it was clear that he had disc extrusion causing spinal cord compression. Surgery was performed and at his 6 week recheck, he was doing so well!

He is super energetic and mischievous. He is moving like a champ, running and standing up on his hind limbs. Earl has returned to work and is back to being a delightful dog and a valued member of his community.