We first met Goldie in 2016 when she came to BVNS Atlanta for ataxia and difficulty walking. Dr. Akin performed an MRI and discovered that Goldie had intervertebral disc disease at T13-L1. Dr. Akin performed a hemilaminectomy at the affected site and Goldie quickly recovered.

In August of 2017, Goldie returned to BVNS Atlanta with another disc extrusion, this time located at L2-L3. Dr. Akin performed another hemilaminectomy at the newly affected site in order to give Goldie the best chance of recovery along with complete alleviation of discomfort.

Here is Goldie at her staple removal appointment. Goldie was comfortable and able to walk again! Thank you Dr. Forsyth from Ball Ground Animal Hospital for sending Goldie our way!