Hershey came to BVNS Atlanta for an acute onset of paraparesis (weakness in the lower limbs). Within 24 hours, Hershey went from normal to limping with his left foot, dragging the same foot, and then dragging both back legs.

After a neurological consultation with Dr. Neary and the recommended MRI were performed, Hershey was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease causing severe spinal cord compression. Dr. Neary performed a hemilaminectomy the same day to decompress the spinal cord. Hershey was able to be discharged in two days!

Here is Hershey at his staple removal, just 2 weeks post-op. He has been recovering very well! His owners stated that keeping Hershey quiet and making sure he doesn’t run around too much is difficult these days. Just a couple more weeks Hershey and you can be back to your old antics!

A big thank you to Dr. Michelle Hagopian at Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs
for referring this sweet dapple to us!