This sweet little guy is Phineas. Phineas came to BVNS Atlanta in February for weakness in the hind legs but when he arrived he was displaying non-ambulatory paraplegia (meaning he was completely paralyzed in the back end). After a neurological examination with Dr. Akin, disc disease was suspected to be the cause of Phineas’ inability to walk. An MRI confirmed intervertebral disc disease and Dr. Akin performed a hemilaminectomy at the affected site. Phineas was able to go home the very next day.

This is Phineas at his 2-week post-op staple removal appointment. He is able to walk around now with some weakness still present in the hind legs but has improved from his pre-surgical state. We are thrilled with the progress Phineas has made so far and wish him the best for the remainder of his recovery at home. Thank you to Dr. Teal from Tri-County Animal Hospital for referring Phineas to us!