Bush Veterinary Neurology Service is proud to publish the Neurotransmitter; a newsletter written by our board-certified neurologists.

Below is the archive of previous issues. Click on the patient names to view the newsletter.

Gus – A 1 year, 10 month old Standard Poodle referred by Union County Pet Hospital for a 24 hour history of difficulty walking in the back legs.

Herschel – A 10 year old Poodle-Mix referred by Bridgemill Animal Hospital for a 24 hour history of progressive back pain and the inability to walk in the rear limbs.

Winston – A 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel referred by Seneca Hill Animal Hospital for collapse with a concern for a seizure like episode.

Riley – A 2 year-old male Cocker Spaniel referred by Apple Valley Animal Hospital for left side weakness and concern for spinal cord lesion.

Misty – A 12-year-old, Siamese referred by the Emergency Service of Regional Veterinary Referral Clinic in Springfield. Misty’s primary care veterinarian was Dr. Lynn Gulledge at Kingstowne Cat Clinic.

Lucy – A 3 year-old, FS, Shih Tzu referred by Animal Emergency & Critical Care and Dr. Dove of Companion Animal Clinic.

King – A 12 year old mixed breed referred to BVNS for the inability to get up.

Cooper – A 9 year old Airedale Terrier referred to BVNS for the inability to walk and severe neck pain.

Dallas – A 3 year old Beagle that presented to our Springfield location for back pain and the inability to walk in the rear limbs.

Squirrel – A 10 year old, male, castrated cat that presented to BVNS for persistent, intermittent 15 second seizures.

Tiki – A 4 year-old spayed female Maltese referred to BVNS after one week of 30-60 second episodes of lethargy, shaking and keeping her head down.

Prinz – A 9-year-old German Shepherd mix referred to BVNS for an inability to walk in the hind legs and severe back pain of less than 24 hours duration.

Max – A 19 year-old, male castrated mixed breed that presented to BVNS for circling and a head tilt.

Hobbes – A 2-year-old Weimaraner who presented to our Springfield location in August 2010. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis (CSF) revealed severe neutrophilic pleocytosis and treatment with antibiotics and immunosuppressive doses of steroids were initiated.

Boudreaux – A 4 year old male neutered Papillion that the owners brought to BVNS for recurrent back pain.