NeuroNews – July 2012

In this issue:

Is it a seizure?:

Patients often present with seizure-like symptoms but knowing when the situation requires seizure medication is often critical to patient management and survival.

At BVNS, we can perform and interpret an EEG in as little as 20 minutes allowing us to make critical decision about the administration of anti-seizure medication. EEG has shown that some drug toxicities can generate seizure-like signs and many diseases can generate non-convulsive seizure. Our pilot data shows a much higher than expected incidence of non-convulsive seizure. A prospective and collaborate study between BVNS and the University of Pennsylvania to determine the incidence of non-convulsive seizure will begin soon.

How to treat seizures without valium:
For the patient who is determined to be having a seizure, we have found that IV Keppra at 60 mg/kg will work as often and as quickly as valium (which is in short supply) and has the additional advantage of lasting 8 hours and being non-sedative. Furthermore, Keppra can be given subcutaneously and reach useful, predictable serum concentrations within 20 minutes. This makes it very useful for managing seizure patients at home.

BVNS adds Dr. Jessica Barker to team:

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Jessica Barker will be joining the BVNS team on September 4th! Dr. Barker, who recently completed her residency in neurology at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, will be seeing appointments in Springfield while working alongside Dr. Tiches at Regional Veterinary Referral Center. Dr. Barker is a trained neurologist and neurosurgeon who will be providing both medical and neurosurgical consultations.

As a result of this change, area patients and clients will have more convenient access to the benefits of neurosurgery and we will be able to increase our availability and offer Friday appointments. These changes further our commitment to being accessible and available whenever and wherever you and your clients need us.

July Neurotransmitter: Hobbes

We recently released our latest BVNS Neurotransmitter showcasing Hobbes, a 2-year-old Weimaraner who presented as febrile, anorexic, unwilling to move and experiencing intermittent bouts of lameness. Our examination revealed neck pain and discomfort during lumbosacral palpation.

What would you diagnosis and how would you treat? Click here to learn more about this case and the treatment that has resolved his symptoms and has him completely back to normal.

BVNS Staff Member Joins Elite Group:

We are very proud to announce that Christine Weaver, who serves as an LVT in our Leesburg office, has successfully completed her Veterinary Technician Specialist requirements including successfully passing the required examination. Christine is now a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Neurology and is one of only seventeen in the country who hold this credential. We couldn’t be more proud of her or more proud to have her as part of our team.

New Marketing Material:

We have released the new BVNS Client Services brochure via our website and will be mailing copies of this over the next few weeks. You can view, download and print this new brochure on our website. Our referral coordinator Stacy Walls will also be delivering them on her site visits.

If you would like to contact us to request a few of these, please contact Stacy.