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Thank you for your partnership with Bush Veterinary Neurology Service. We understand the trusted relationship our referring partners have with their clients. Whether you are referring a patient for diagnostics, a second opinion, or a specialized procedure, we are committed to providing the highest level of professional service and treating your clients with compassion and respect. We will provide you with a timely medical report following any visits, tests, or procedures, and will consult with you regarding appropriate follow-up care.

To refer a client to one of our hospitals, you may use our online referral form, or you may also print out a PDF version of this form and fax it to an office. If you would like to consult with a specialist by phone, please call one of our hospitals directly.

Why Choose BVNS?

Experience: With a team of Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologists, we treat more veterinary neurology cases than anyone in the United States and we are privileged to help thousands of pets and their owners each year.

Superior Service: At BVNS, we are committed to providing you, your clients and your patients not only the best neurologic care, but also the best service.

Advanced Diagnostics: Onsite MRI at all locations. Pre and Post op imaging of complicated surgeries under one anesthesia.

We’re Just a Click Away: Submit on-line referrals and access the most current disease and treatment information on our updated website.

Complete Neurology Care: From spinal and brain surgery to long-term treatment of chronic neurologic symptoms, we can handle it all.

It Takes a Team: Our team of highly trained client care representatives, licensed veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants and neurologists work closely with you to ensure that your clients and patients receive the most comprehensive care possible.

Residency Program: Our team is committed to advancing the field of veterinary neurology through our support of ongoing research and educational programs. This commitment allows us to operate at the cutting edge of veterinary neurology allowing your patients and clients to benefit from the latest research and innovation.

Within Reach: With locations throughout Virginia, Maryland and now in Atlanta, you’ll find us close by.

Desire: Desire to discuss any case, whether it is a referred case or a consultation.

Dedication: Dedication to provide helpful service to you and your clients.


As a part of our ongoing effort to promote and expand the reach of the science of neurology, BVNS offers a number of opportunities for ongoing education.

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BVNS is proud to work closely with our referring partners to provide pets with the best possible care. If you require information or materials from our office, please fill out this simple form to submit your request. Please note that this form is for referring veterinarian requests only. If you are a pet parent looking to schedule an appointment, please visit our “Pet Owners” page and fill out the appointment request form.

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