Ty Bruce DoctorsTy is a 2 year-old Yorkshire Terrier who is well on his way to a truly amazing recovery. About 1 week ago, little Ty was on a leash in his yard when a large dog grabbed him in its mouth. Ty collapsed and was rushed to CARE in Frederick where Dr. Gallasch needed to remove a kidney in order to stop the life threatening bleeding from the large and torn renal artery.

Ty received 2 transfusions and stabilized but was noted to be paralyzed in his back legs. He was then referred to Dr. Bush. An MRI of the spine showed the tract that the tooth took through the muscle of the spine causing severe compression of the spinal cord.


A decompressive surgery was performed to remove a large blood clot and damaged and torn ligament. Since this time Ty has made marked improvement despite having the 2 canine teeth of a much larger dog within 2 inches of each other, tearing the renal artery and compressing the spinal cord.

Ty is pictured here 3 days after spinal surgery, comfortable and satisfied after a big meal. He seemed a little less happy to have to then pose for a picture with his 2 doctors.