Video Resources

Urinary bladder maintenance and passive range of motion exercises are often a necessary part of in-home nursing care for your pet after surgery.

To make this process easier, we have created the following videos to guide you through bladder expression and various passive range of motion exercises.

Urinary Bladder Maintenance (Expressing the Bladder)

Spinal cord disease can be associated with temporary or permanent inability to empty the urinary bladder. The result is a very full, over-stretched and uncomfortable bladder that is at risk for bacterial infection. Expressing the bladder should improve comfort and reduce the chances of damage or infection of the bladder and kidney.

This video will guide you through expressing your pet’s bladder.



This collection of videos will guide you through stretches and range of motion exercises. Perform these at a time when your dog is relaxed and quiet. You may need a second handler to help keep your dog relaxed and still by petting or holding them.

Arm Extension Range of Motion


Arm flexion Range of Motion


Elbow Extension Stretch


Finger Flexors Stretch


Leg Flexion Range of Motion


Leg Extension Range of Motion


Toe Flexors Stretch

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